Jane Lee Hooker exploded out of New York City in 2015, and won acclaim in the US 
and abroad with their debut album of revved-up blues covers “No B!”
The band were 
immediately snapped up and signed to legendary German blues label Ruf Records. 
The follow-up album Spiritus featured original material and was released in 2017 – 
once again to rave reviews from around the world. The band returned in 2021 with 
the release of two new singles: "Jericho" and "Drive," with a full album due to be 
released in October of 2021. 

Jane Lee Hooker toured extensively behind these records, and played to packed 
houses across the US and Europe, including Germany, Norway, Sweden, 
Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and 
the Czech Republic. 

Guitarists Tracy Hightop and Tina Gorin discovered their love of blazing dual guitar 
leads when they played together in the New York City band Helldorado in the late 
90’s. Hightop moved on to a stint with Nashville Pussy, and Gorin joined hard 
rockers Bad Wizard before the two friends met up again in 2010. The idea for Jane 
Lee Hooker began to take shape when the pair brought in bass player Mary Z, who 
had spent time with Hightop in NYC punk band the Wives. Singer Athens joined the 
group in 2013, and soon after the band hit the road. When original drummer Melissa 
Houston bowed out of Jane Lee Hooker in early 2020, the call was to put out to 
‘Lightnin’ Ron Salvo. Salvo was a natural fit, having played with Hightop and Gorin 
in numerous NYC projects over the years including Helldorado, Bad Wizard and 
Plasmatics off-shoot New Hope. 

The five members of Jane Lee Hooker have decades of playing experience, tearing 
up stages both nationally and internationally with acts including Motörhead, MC5, 
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deep Purple, Vanilla Fudge, the Allman Betts Band, Samantha 
Fish, the Hellacopters, the Melvins, Turbonegro, Ben Folds Five and They Might Be 


While Jane Lee Hooker’s blend of rock, blues, punk, R&B and soul pays respect to 
the greats of the past – this band lives fiercely in the present tense. JLH’s fiery live 
performances, featuring muscular lead guitars, a heavy rhythm section and soul- 
scorching vocals, have made them a must-see live act. In a world full of 
manufactured bands and live shows backed up by hard-drives, Jane Lee Hooker 
play rock ‘n’ roll the way it’s meant to be played – loud and with passion. 

What they’re saying about Jane Lee Hooker: 
"It’s fiery, just the right level of grubby, and a righteous kick in the shins." 
-Classic Rock Magazine 

"...Attitude and swagger by the truckload...(they) rock like a mother." 
- Music Republic Magazine 

“(This band) does more than just pay tribute to [John Lee] Hooker. Jane Lee Hooker 
takes everything they’ve learned about him and other blues legends and mix in 
elements of punk and classic rock to give them a distinct, hard-edged sound.” 
– Guitar Girl Magazine