We've all had such a great time getting back out on the deck over the last month and a half - it's been so great to be playing shows again in front of real live people!  We hope to be doing a lot more of that very soon.  In the meantime, it's back to the office to finish work on Jane Lee Hooker record #3 - more details and release info coming very soon.  Stay tuned!

From Brooklyn to Germany and Australia to Brazil and Poland (where we made it to #18 on the iTunes charts and #4 on the iTunes rock charts), we are blown away by the response from you all. We could not have done it with out YOU. 

A special thanks as well to our friends Matt Chiaraville, Joel Lambert, Virtue and Vice Studios, Mercury Sound Studios, Design Frequency, Wanted Management, Rob Carter, and Bridge Side Network.

New single "Drive" out now.